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Walking Tour: Welcome to Berlin!
Mid-Conference Tour


Walking Tour: Welcome to Berlin!

Mid-Conference Tour

Hoping to hit the town and see more of Berlin? Join one of our Mid-Conference Tours! Explore the city's rich attractions, from its turbulent past to its present charm. Survey the city from a flak tower or descend into Berlin's underground bunkers and subways. Enjoy the German capital from the water with the historic City Boat Tour or explore the iconic Berlin Wall at Bernauer Straße. Walking tours from the Brandenburger Tor or Rotes Rathaus offer the authentic atmosphere of historical and alternative Berlin. Welcome to Berlin!

Walking Tour: Welcome to Berlin!

Ah, Berlin! From humble village beginnings to the capital of the mighty kingdom, then empire, through darkness and division of the Nazi and Communist eras and back to its glory as the defining capital of European culture, trends and fanciness – what a place to tell stories about!

On our tour we will journey from the east to the west, crossing times, rivers and stories that, especially in the last 200 years, have shaped not only the city but the entire world. Let us tell you who that Alexander on the Platz was, is there really any medieval Berlin and what are the connections between American and German Martin Luthers. Add to that the Humboldt University, Checkpoint Charlie and our finishing point, the Brandenburg Gate with its memories from the time of the Wall and you will have learned the basics of Berlin’s identity.

We will also revisit the stories connected with the darkest moments of the city, nation and Europe: Adolf Hitler’s rise to power and the resulting war and the Holocaust – the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe will remind us of the fragility of the world around us.

On the upper note feel free to ask us about the local hip and party scene, many calling it the defining nightlife scene of Europe and the beginning of the world trends. Berlin has learned its lesson – let the feeling of inclusiveness, hundreds of cultures coexisting and shaping the world for better take you!

On the tour we will see and discuss:

  • TV tower
  • Red Town Hall and the remains of the old Berlin
  • Museum Island and the Berlin Cathedral
  • Unter Den Linden and Humboldt University
  • Book Burning Site
  • Checkpoint Charlie and Berlin Wall stories
  • Adolf Hitler’s Bunker Site
  • Holocaust Memorial
  • Brandenburg Gate

(From: Walkative!)

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150 min | Accessibility: Suitable for people with reduced mobility (it is a walking tour, however it is wheelchair accessible). 

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Meeting point: Brandenburg Gate

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