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Historical City-cruise
Mid-Conference Tour


Historical City-Cruise

Mid-Conference Tour

Hoping to hit the town and see more of Berlin? Join one of our Mid-Conference Tours! Explore the city's rich attractions, from its turbulent past to its present charm. Survey the city from a flak tower or descend into Berlin's underground bunkers and subways. Enjoy the German capital from the water with the historic City Boat Tour or explore the iconic Berlin Wall at Bernauer Straße. Walking tours from the Brandenburger Tor or Rotes Rathaus offer the authentic atmosphere of historical and alternative Berlin. Welcome to Berlin!

Historical City Cruise

Enjoy exploring Berlin from the Spree river as you see all the sites from the comfort of a ship. All ships include a place to grab something to eat or drink, restrooms and plenty of seating both inside and outside the ship. Tours can be heard in German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Chinese, Hebrew and Finnish. 

Tour includes: the government district, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Bellevue Castle, Siegessäule, Berlin Cathedral, Museumisle, Nikolaiviertel, Humboldtforum. (From: Stern und Kreis Schiffahrt)

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60 min | Accessibility: Entrance to ship requires the use of a flight of stairs (if stairs are not an option, please let us know before booking this option so we can see what is possible to assist you in attending the boat tour).

Conference Tours

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Meeting point: Friedrichstraße

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