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Mid-Conference Tours
25 July 2024: Berlin


Mid-Conference Tours

25 July 2024

Hoping to hit the town and see more of Berlin? Select one of our conference tours to enjoy! 

Pricing and Registration for Tours will open shortly. If you have already registered for the conference, you will be sent an email when the tour registration opens.

Tours are listed from most to least accessible.

1. Berlin Wall Tour: Bernauer Straße after the wall was built

2:30 - 3:30 pm
Bernauer Strasse was one of the focal points of German division. The range of consequences of the construction of the Wall can be exemplified here: The destruction of urban space and lifeways, the separation of family members and friends. From 1998 onwards, the Berlin Wall Memorial was built on this site and its elements will be presented during the guided tour. (From: Stiftung Berliner Mauer)

Accessibility: The outdoor area of the memorial is accessible. The area extends 1.4 km. The visitor center is also accessible. Wheelchairs, mobile seats and seating sticks can be borrowed free of charge from the museum. Induction loops are available for those who would like to use a hearing aid compatible group guidance system.

2. Walking Tour: Welcome to Berlin!

2:00 - 4:45 pm
Ah, Berlin! From humble village beginnings to the capital of the mighty kingdom, then empire, through darkness and division of the Nazi and Communist eras and back to its glory as the defining capital of European culture, trends and fanciness – what a place to tell stories about!

On our tour we will journey from the east to the west, crossing times, rivers and stories that, especially in the last 200 years, have shaped not only the city but the entire world. Let us tell you who that Alexander on the Platz was, is there really any medieval Berlin and what are the connections between American and German Martin Luthers. Add to that the Humboldt University, Checkpoint Charlie and our finishing point, the Brandenburg Gate with its memories from the time of the Wall and you will have learned the basics of Berlin’s identity.

We will also revisit the stories connected with the darkest moments of the city, nation and Europe: Adolf Hitler’s rise to power and the resulting war and the Holocaust – the Jewish Memorial will remind us of the fragility of the world around us.

On the upper note feel free to ask us about the local hip and party scene, many calling it the defining nightlife scene of Europe and the beginning of the world trends. Berlin has learned its lesson – let the feeling of inclusiveness, hundreds of cultures coexisting and shaping the world for better take you!

On the tour we will see and discuss:

  • TV tower
  • Red Town Hall and the remains of the old Berlin
  • Museum Island and the Berlin Cathedral
  • Unter Den Linden and Humboldt University
  • Book Burning Site
  • Checkpoint Charlie and Berlin Wall stories
  • Adolf Hitler’s Bunker Site
  • Jewish Holocaust Memorial
  • Brandenburg Gate

(From: Walkative!)

Accessibility: Suitable for people with reduced mobility (it is a walking tour, however it is wheelchair accessible).

3. Schloss Charlottenburg

2:30 - 3:20 pm
A tour of a beautiful baroque style palace located in the middle of Berlin! Experience the royal life and see what it was life was like for Frederick I and Sophie Charlotte, the first Prussian royal couple. After the tour, enjoy a leisurely stroll through the gardens in their summer prime!

Accessibility: This tour is accessible. If you need extra assistance walking, please let us know so we can book the proper tour to ensure your accessibility and comfort.

4. Historical City-Cruise

2:30 - 3:30 pm
Enjoy exploring Berlin from the Spree river as you see all the sites from the comfort of a ship. All ships include a place to grab something to eat or drink, restrooms and plenty of seating both inside and outside the ship. Tours can be heard in German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Chinese, Hebrew and Finnish. 

Tour includes: the government district, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Bellevue Castle, Siegessäule, Berlin Cathedral, Museumisle, Nikolaiviertel, Humboldtforum. (From: Stern und Kreis Schiffahrt)

Accessibility: Entrance to ship requires the use of a flight of stairs (if stairs are not an option, please let us know before booking this option so we can see what is possible to assist you in attending the boat tour).

5. Walking Tour: Alternative Berlin

2:00 - 4:45 pm
Big beautiful churches, nice Baroque palaces, grand theatre buildings, and many other places… that you will NOT see on this tour! Why? Because Berlin is way more than that. Berlin is a European capital of alternative lifestyle and street art! So on this tour, you will explore very different aspects of the German capital. You will be taken to various corners and nooks where most tourist never go.

After this 3-hour tour, you will discover a new city of Berlin. You will know why it is called a »cultural melting pot«. You will learn about the impact of Berlin’s music scene. Furthermore, you will be able to decipher some hidden messages of different graffiti and murals around the city. You will witness squat life very close to the centre of Berlin.

Our Alternative Berlin tour will allow you to feel the true vibe of Berlin!


  • street art
  • squat life
  • Kreuzberg
  • gentrification
  • Berlin, the city of misfits

(From: Walkative!)

Accessibility: This tour is walking dependent and requires the ability to use stairs.

6. Berliner Unterwelten (Berlin Underworlds): Bunkers, Subways and the Cold War

2:30 - 4:00 pm
This tour follows the traces of the Cold War in the underground. In West Berlin, civil defence shelters were reactivated or newly built in preparation for a possible nuclear war. Particularly after the building of the Berlin Wall, the West German government and the West Berlin senate invested millions in these projects. Some of these were built as »multi-purpose structures« and are currently used as underground stations, parking garages and storage facilities. By explaining the practical preparations made to help people survive, this tour attempts to make the realities and horrors of such conflict easy to comprehend.

First we visit the civil defence shelter, »Blochplatz«, an air-raid shelter from WWII that was renovated in the early 1980s. In an emergency, 1,318 people were to shelter here for up to 48 hours. After a short ride via the U-Bahn to Pankstrasse station, we offer a glimpse into the workings of a »modern« bunker, which was intended to protect the citizens of West Berlin in case of a full-blown nuclear war. This »multi-purpose« facility, built in 1977 along with the northbound extension of the U8 underground line, serves not only as an U-Bahn stop for commuters but also, in an emergency, it could have sheltered 3,339 people for up to two weeks. Here, we try to give you an idea of what it could have been like, had World War Three broken out.

Sturdy footwear is obligatory (no sandals or flip flops!).

(From: Berliner Unterwelten)

Accessibility: This tour requires the use of stairs and guests go through some smaller spaces. There is no seating and it is not wheelchair accessible.

7. Berliner Unterwelten (Berlin Underworlds): From Flak Towers to Mountains of Debris

2:30 - 4:00 pm
In 1940, Hitler ordered the construction of six anti-aircraft, or »Flak« towers to defend Berlin from enemy aircraft. Of these six, only three were built, and after the war they were »demilitarised« or blown up. However, the Flak tower in Humboldthain Park in Gesundbrunnen was only partially destroyed.

Since April 2004, we have been leading groups through the interior of the tower. On this fascinating tour, visitors will be shown three of the seven floors of one of the biggest bunkers in the city. Here a dazzling underground landscape awaits – complete with dizzying views into the depths of the building. In addition, our guides present in-depth information about the history of the structure and the still on-going project to clean it up. To date, members of the Berlin Underworlds Association have spent a total of over 8,000 hours removing over 1,400 cubic metres of rubble – and, in the process, have created ideal sleeping quarters for bats. Therefore, so as not to disturb their hibernation and unnecessarily frighten our guests, we only offer this tour from April to the end of October.

Special requirements regarding footwear apply on this tour:

  • Sturdy, closed footwear is required in order to participate. (Shoes should fit well - with closed toes and closed heels and a stable sole - no high heels, sandals, flip flops, espadrilles or ballet pumps, etc.).
  • Warm clothes are recommended! The temperature within the Flak Tower is 10°C / 50°F at best, even in the summer, and the humidity is considerable.
  • Safety helmets, provided by the association, have to be worn throughout the duration of the tour.

(From: Berliner Unterwelten)

Accessibility: This particular tour is physically demanding. Guests must climb many flights of stairs both in getting to and during the tour. There is no seating and it is not wheelchair accessible.

Image © Ingo Joseph from pexels


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